Benidorm Beach Safety


We have created a booking and capacity control system that make us have the safest beaches in Europe.

Choose the beach and book your space

Playa Levante Benidorm
Levante Beach

Now beach available without booking

Playa Poniente Benidorm
Poniente Beach

Now beach available without booking

How can I do my booking?

1 Press the button BOOK YOUR SPACE
2 Choose date and shift with availability at the beach of your choice.
3 Enter in our queueing system.
4 Choose sector and plot among the available.
5 Fill in the details of the reservation holder and attendees.
6 You will receive an email with a link to download your ticket or Passbook.
7 Go to the validation point and present your ticket.
8 Access your plot on the beach and enjoy.
Proceso de compra entrada playas Benidorm
Physical Point
You may also purchase
your ticket in a physical point.
We make available to citizens 3 physical points:
Mapa playas Benidorm

The fairest way to have a safe beach.

Just like you queue up for a movie or concert, you will do it online to get your reservation. The queueing system makes the beach reservation the fairest. Without being able to make massive reservations, with the same possibilities for all users, simulating a queue of physical entry.


Do I need to make a reservation to go to the beach?
At the moment, only the reservation for the Levante Beach is necessary. The access to the beaches of Mal Pas and Poniente will be done, as until now, through the access and capacity control points.
How can I book to go to Levante beach?
Through the BENIDORM Beach Safety website where a step-by-step video explaining the reservation is shown.
How far in advance can I make my reservation?
Every day at 9:00 noon reservations for the following day will be available. In addition, reservations can be made for the same day at any time, provided that there are plots available.
How many plots can I book?
Each person may reserve a maximum of a plot for him and his companions.
How many people is each plot for?
The plots have a dimension of 16 square meters and can be occupied by a maximum of 4 people + 1 child under 6 years.
What kind of area can I book?
There are two types of plot areas, green area: reserved for the over-60s and vulnerable people; and blue area: for the rest of the general public. People over 60 and vulnerable people can choose to book in both zones.
Can it be booked in different shifts?
It is possible to book a plot for the whole day or for the morning shift (9:00 - 15:00 h) or the afternoon shift (15:00 - 21:30 h)
What are the steps for reserving a plot?
  1. Press the button
  2. Choose a date and shift with availability.
  3. Enter our queue system.
  4. Choose the sector and the plot among those available.
  5. Fill in the data of the owner and the assistants.
  6. You will receive an email with a link to download your ticket or password.
  7. Go to the validation point and present your ticket.
  8. Access your plot.
Is it possible to make the reservation in physical points?
Yes, there are 3 information and incident points located on Levante beach: El Torrejó building, and on the promenade at the level of Avenida de Europa and Rincón de Loix. At these points you can reserve a plot for the same day or for the next day, provided there is availability. They will also be able to resolve any incident related to the reservation of plots. Reservations made at these physical points for the following day must be picked up from 09:00 on the same day for which the reservation was made.
What are the opening hours of the beaches?
The beaches have schedule from 9:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. In addition, bathing and walking are allowed from 7:00 am to 8:45 uninterrupted
Is it necessary to reserve a plot for swimming only?
No, it is not necessary. You can access through any access point, at any time, leave your belongings in the place indicated by the controller and enjoy the bath without staying on the beach. Nor will it be necessary to reserve for the bath and walk from 7:00 to 8:45 am.
Is there an incident phone?
Yes, the free telephone number is 965064385, where you can solve any question or incident. You can also use the e-mail In addition, for any questions you can go to the staff at the access points.
Can I cancel my reservation?
Yes, at the free phone number 965064385 and at the three information points in El Torrejó, Avenida Europa and Rincón de Loix.